Windy Hill Farm is located in West Tennessee near Jackson.  Our farm is a peaceful & fun place to live.   From geese flying over the pond early in the morning to chickens in the barnyard, there is always something to look at & appreciate.  We have expanded our operation to include a total of 70 acres grazing pasture and kudzu gullies where we practice rotational grazing with our goats.  Currently we have 50 mature does, 3 herd sires, several yearlings, 1 donkey, 1 goose, LOTS of chickens, one little dog and big dog.  You can follow their adventures on our FACEBOOK page (Windy Hill Farm) or see our "What's Happening" page for more.... 

2018 had perfect weather for kidding this spring!   The majority of the kid crop came the last two weeks of February.  The weather was cool and sunny.  The goats kidded in the pastures, mostly in the afternoons after a morning of grazing early spring weeds and grass.  124 kids total!  Can't wait to see how 2019 turns out!

Each year we have seen increased birth weights and weaning weights.  We credit these increases to better genetics and better nutrition for the mothers from fall grazing at the kudzu gully and harvested soybean & cotton fields.  Through the pregnancy the mothers are maintaining their body composition. This summer we will be introducing sun hemp into their diet.  In the fall we will add winter grasses.  We were also pleased to see our goats kid during the day with little assistance from us.  It's amazing how easily Kiko mothers deliver their kids and get them up and nursing.  

Here are a few stats from our past kidding seasons.  WE are very happy with these results! (David and I did a few "happy dances" over these stats....)

  1. One set of Quadruplets
  2. Multiple sets of triplets each year  (2018 produced 18 sets of triplets!)
  3. Biggest doeling weighed in at 10.75 lbs
  4. Biggest Buckling weighed in at 11 lbs
  5. Average of 2.13 kids per doe
  6. Average birth weight was 7 lbs 
  7. One set of Quintuplets (from Hoss' mother)  

We are happy to announce our buck, SARAH'S SON, has moved into the #1 Herdsire spot.  His mother, Sarah, is a famous old goat.  His genetics have been a valuable addition into our herd. We look forward to crossing him with does from ONYX STAR (son of TAY Onyx) and HOSS.  

ONYX STAR did not disappoint us this spring.  His kids were quite colorful.  He holds his own against the older buck!

SILVER BULLET has joined the rotation in Fall 2016.  His father is Blue's Son.  His mother is a doe out of Iron Horse.   AWESOME results from his kids in 2018 also! 
(Visit our HERD SIRE page to view pedigrees and photos of each buck.)

In 2010 we won 1st place, 3rd place and the 2010 Herdsman Award at the Oklahoma Buck Test.  This test is open to all types of goats and measures genetics by how fast they grow and how parasite resistant they are.  The overall result shows how good your herd genetics are.  We are very pleased with the results!  A kid's first 90 days reflect on their mother, while the next 90 days reflect on their father.  

Here are a few pictures of our does...

A view of the old Homeplace, Silo and goats!

Playing in the doorway...​

Grannie came from East Tennessee.  Grannie passed away at the ripe old age of 13 years. She was our oldest doe.  No horns and no teeth, but she could bite!

A little history.....    Here is a 2013 group photo of our herd sires - Rocky and Hoss.  Beagle is the polled goat next to Silver, the donkey. Silver is the guardian for the buck herd, Beagle is her constant companion.  Rocky went to college in Fall 2014 (University of Tennessee at Martin) to work with their doe herd.  Hoss has enjoyed being the "Top Dog" while Rocky was gone.

Sunning themselves on an early spring morning...

David & Deb Johnson, Owners/Breeders

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