Summer 2012 - Our goats are "summering" up in the kudzu field again.  Be sure to check out this year's photo of the car they uncovered last summer (see Photo Gallery page).  So far the drought hasn't affected the kudzu growth too much, so there is still plenty for them to eat.  The cornfields will soon be ready for harvesting.  When the harvest is over we will graze the girls on the leftovers.  They anxiously wait at the gate every evening to be turned loose to graze the fields.  At dusk they come back with their tummies full, ready for a night's rest...   

July 2012 - Check out my latest article called "Goat Therapy" in the July Goat Rancher Magazine.  You will want to buy a goat....   Also online at 

October 2011 - 4th Annual Cream of the Crop Sale.  WOW!! What a sale!!  This was the best Kiko goat sale in the country this year.  This event just keeps getting better & better.  The free educational seminars are always informative & helpful.  David was part of the Breeders Panel Session.  It was great to renew friendships and make new ones over the weekend.  We would like to thank everyone who purchased our goats at the sale.  We still have a few goats left on the farm, so if you didn't get yours at the sale give us a call.   

Sarah and Olivia (the little girl in blue dress) introducing Daisy and Charlotte.

Here are some of the exciting things happening at Windy Hill Farm....

September, 2014 - Our son is on the cover of the Goatrancher Magazine 
Mike retired from the Air Force the end of July and currently owns one goat, Roosevelt.  Read the story.... 

September, 2014 - Oklahoma Hills Meat Goat Conference & Kiko Sale.  The first one ever!  There were 80 top-notch goats for sale. The selection was great!  Mark your calendars for this sale next year...

March 23, 2014 - The West Tennessee Shutterbug Photography Group enjoyed an afternoon of snapping photos of baby goats.

August 6th - 7th - We hosted the Tennessee Master Goat Producers Field Day on our farm Tuesday, August 7th.  The two-day class is a great way to learn more about your goats and meet other goat producers.  Sponsored by the University of Tennessee and our local state Extension Office.  

September 2011 - We had five bucklings participate in the 2011 Oklahoma Buck Test this year.  They finished the event with an total average daily weight gain of .26lbs, slightly above the group average.  All five are for sale on the Buckling page.

Check out our article in the May 2011 edition of the GOAT RANCHER Magazine about  Dorothy the Kiko Milk goat.   

Did you read our article in the January 2011 edition of the GOAT RANCHER Magazine?  It was all about Flopsie, Z01, and hot water bottles.  

March 2011 - Poppy, A09, participated in a presentation program at a local high school.  Money had been collected for a program that purchases goats for families in Sudan to help them improve their lives.  The presentation was made & Poppy was the hit of the show.  That scarf wasn't her idea...

October 2011 - Sunday Afternoon on the Farm - Friends & family enjoyed a hayride around the farm.  Later everyone visited our goats in the barnyard.  Dinner was delicious with bbq goat & goat stew.  We capped off the evening roasting marshmellows over the fire pit.  How much fun!  We love to take opportunities like this to share our goats with others.  

April 2015 - Farm Life Comes to Town. 

The kids at pre-school enjoyed a visit from Birdie.  We talked about the different products produced from goats such as soap, milk, fiber and meat.  Everyone got to pet Birdie as she walked around the circle of children.  I even read Billy Goats Gruff to them.  Fun day!

October 2010 - We participated in the Cream of the Crop Sale in Corydon, Indiana.  We sold 5 of our best doelings born this year, including 2 100% New Zealand doelings. We had a great time in Corydon, meeting new friends and seeing old friends.  The seminars were informative and the quality of goats auctioned was outstanding.      

October 2010 - The bucks are back from the Oklahoma Meat Goat Forage Performance Buck Test.  We are PROUD to announce that Z62 was the 1ST PLACE WINNER with an average daily gain of .38lbs.  We have named him AMOS MOSES, in honor of his father - Amos.  Z17 was the 3RD PLACE WINNER with an average daily gain of .33lbs.  His name will be Buffalo Bill.  In addition,Windy Hill Farm won the 2010 HERDSMAN AWARD.  We are so excited!!!  This test shows "what they're made of".  The busks spend 90 days with several other bucklings, under the same conditions, where they are rated based on their resistance to parasites and weight gain ability on forage only.  

June 2010 -A local Wine Club met at Windy Hill Farm.  55 folks enjoyed food & wine as they mingled with the goats.  Everyone left with a new perspective about KIKO goats and what we do on the Farm.  It was so much fun!

December 2010 - We hosted Field Day for the Tennessee Master Goat Producer class held in Jackson in early December.  30 people participated in the hands-on session hosted by the University of Tennessee & our local state Extension Office.

What's Happening

David & Deb Johnson, Owners/Breeders

Summer 2017 - Master Goat Producers Class Field Day.

We have hosted the Field Day/ Hands-on portion of this event for the last eight years.  

Fall 2020 Sales -  

Oklahoma Hills Meat Goat Conference and Kiko Sale -  Okmulgee, Oklahoma