WHF Z04 HOSS.  He was named after "Hoss" on Bonanza because he was a big boy when he was born and continued to bulk up through the years.  He was the fastest growing buck from our 2010 Kid Season.  Hoss has fathered some of the most colorful kids in the herd.   
Born:  Jan 18, 2010   Birth Wt: 8.25 lbs   ADG: .606   Farm Index:  146           ---- DECEASED 2017.  Greatly missed....

Hoss produced long-legged kids with beautiful red coats.  The does have long torsos which gives them plenty of room to carry their babies.  His mother, Dorothy, passed on great genetics that show through his daughters - lots of milk, fast growth and pretty kids.  I can always spot a Hoss kid out in the field... ​    His mother also kidded our only set of quintuplets (5).

Hoss still holds the farm record for "BEST AVERAGE DAILY GAIN".                    


This is Windy Hill Onyx Star.  He is a son of Tay Onyx, a very old original Kiko bloodline.  100% New Zealand.                                     

David & Deb Johnson, Owners/Breeders

GHK Silver Bullet became a full-fledged herd sire in 2018.  His first batch of kids look alot like him - silver hair and blue eyes! 

100% New Zealand.

Windy Hill Sarah's Son is our main herd sire.  

He is 100% New Zealand, born in 2011.  He is out of WILD BILL and CCR SARAH 812.   

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