Doelings & Windy, the donkey, munching on the hillside on a early spring morning.  They love to play on the tree limbs.  May 2012

This is Dorothy and her five kids - 3 girls, 2 boys.  Our first set of quintuplets born March 2013!!!  Dorothy was an amazing goat.  She is Hoss's mother.  She has been the subject of two stories in The GoatRancher.  Dorothy passed away late 2013.  She set the bar high for all other goats.  Truly one of a kind.  She will be greatly missed.  Fortunately, we kept a doeling from the set above.  I hope she will follow in her mother's footprints. 

Bucks playing in the old barn.   October 2015

Two 2016 newborn kids snuggling together in the warm hay while mama is out eating.   March 2016

Yes, we are formally dressed posing with our goats.  Our son was married here on the Farm and requested goats to be present for the ceremony.We brought Baby and Birdie out to join the celebrations. 

It was a beautiful event!  
November 2014.  (this is one of my favorite photos.)

Licking their lips over something tasty!!

Sometimes when you're the littlest kid you need some help staying warm on those below freezing days.  Tube socks and hot water bottles work really well....

About Windy Hill Farm

I entered this little goat's picture in a photo contest.  Hoping to hear something soon.... 
Sept 2013   (update - I commissioned a painting of this photo and it is gorgeous!)

Sometimes you get lucky and have your camera ready for that great shot!  This is our granddaughter, Livi, with her favorite baby goat, Birdie.  Birdie was only three pounds at birth.  Livi became fast friends with Birdie because she was so small and Livi could carry her anywhere.  As you can see they adore each other (and still do!)...  March 2014.   (UPDATE- September 2014 - Livi says Birdie is too big to pick up now, but they are still great friends.)

This group would follow David to the end of the earth...

Enjoying an afternoon in the shade of the old barn.  This barn is about 75 years old and is still functional.

Last summer the goats browsed in the Kudzu and hayfield pasture.  This old car is what they uncovered as they ate the kudzu back into the gullies.  We didn't know the car was there, it had been covered with kudzu for over 30 years.

We became a "Vacation Destination" for a friend's family reunion.  Folks came from Illinois, Alabama & Tennessee.  Young or old, enjoyed petting the goats and holding the week-old kids. 

Here is the car this summer....  world of difference in the terrain...  Amazing goats!  They love kudzu!!!  They have helped us reclaim the hayfield by eating the kudzu down.  This year we have baled hay off this field to help for the wintertime AND fed the goats for the summer. (7/2012)

LOOK WHAT THE GOATS FOUND NOW!!!  An old VW bug!  I'm afraid they might uncover a bus next!  We had no idea there were so many old cars in here!  But this one reminded us of our son and his first car (a VW bug that father and son spent many hours working on.)  Wonder if he wants to repeat the experience when he returns from Afghanistan?... (July 2012)  (We are happy to say that our son has returned safely from his tour in Afghanistan. Oct 2012)

Buck in the tall grass..  Sept 2012

David & Deb Johnson, Owners/Breeders