David & Deb Johnson, Owners/Breeders

Summer 2021 - Hayfield pasture.

Wendy, Guardian Donkey


Doelings For Sale

​​​Yearling Does 

We currently have a group of 8 yearling does for sale.  Born December 2021/January 2022, these girls are ready for the next breeding cycle.  We will sell individually or as a group.  Photos available soon.  


​We credit our pasture-rotation program for our herd health.  The does spend summers living in the hayfield/kudzu area. 

It's a 30-acre area of gullies full of kudzu.  This was a life-saver during the summer droughts.  Every Fall the goats spend late afternoons munching through a harvested cotton or cornfield.  Being able to utilize our natural resources more efficiently has made an outstanding difference in our goats' body scores and kid birth weights!  

Winter 2022/2023 kids on the ground now!  

We currently have 8 yearling does available for sale.

(Ready for Summer/Fall 2023 breeding.)

Photos coming soon.

2022/2023 Kids Available March 1st, 2023.

Buying a young doeling allows the goat time to acclimate into the herd and your forage before the next year's breeding season.  By the time she has her first kid she already knows her place in the herd, thus allowing her to focus on her main job - raising her kids.  

Call for more information.