David & Deb Johnson, Owners/Breeders

Welcome to Windy Hill Farm!

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Windy Hill Farm was established in 2006 when David & I moved "back to the Farm" where David grew up.  We started our herd with 9 commercial goats that we used to clean up the brush.  We enjoyed the goats so much that in 2008 we expanded our herd to include 100% New Zealand and Purebred Registered KIKO goats, as well as, percentage goats.  Our foundation herd has grown to over 50 mature goats.

We are now raising KIKO breeding stock that are hardy, good foragers, easy to handle & great mothers.  We have three sires on the farm.  We like to leave our doelings with their mothers and let nature take its course for weaning.  We have seen that is makes a stronger doeling and instills strong familial bonds, thus making her a better mother.  The bucklings are weaned at 3 months of age and moved into the buck pen.    

We have found Registered KIKOs are the breed that meets our need.  Rotational grazing is our preferred method of parasite control.  Our goats are only wormed "as needed".  All our registered stock is DNA-certified through the National Kiko Registry (www.NationalKikoRegistry.com).   

KIKO goats were introduced into the United States in 1987. They came from New Zealand where breeders had developed a new goat breed that exhibited exceptional qualities for commercial meat production.  New Zealand developers bred New Zealand feral goats with domesticated goats to produce a breed with superior performance characteristics, resulting in the KIKO goat breed.

KIKO goats have the following characteristics:  

  • Survivability; hardiness; low maintenance breed
  • Exceptional weight gain on a lean, well-muscled large frame
  • Strong mothering skills & capability; provide more live births
  • High milk production insuring fast growing kids
  • High resistance to parasites
  • Soundness of feet requiring minimal care
  • Good weight gain on all types of forage